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All work submitted to Native Translations, Inc. for estimating purposes or for translation or for production service remains the property of the client submitting such work. Translation and production work or cost estimating done for a client in no way changes that client's proprietary right to the material that was submitted for such purpose. Our client's proprietary rights survive all such activities, subject to any agreed upon payment terms and service specifications. Native Translations, Inc. shall affirm that this confidentiality pledge is in force to any of its current or prospective clients at any time. Pursuant to this pledge of confidentiality, Native Translations, Inc. shall not use any client's proprietary information for any purpose other than that purpose that was prescribed by said client.


Native Translations, Inc. warrants each translation rendered by it to be fit for marketing purposes and to be in keeping with the intent and standard of quality set forth in the original language. This warranty covers materials produced in each of the languages handled by our firm and covers every applicable stage of production: translation, typesetting, desktop publishing, graphics, photography and audio/visual recordings. Therefore, it is important to note that Native Translations, Inc. disclaims responsibility for and cautions against any alterations to its product by others than its staff unless it is given the opportunity to critique the changes. Such warranty shall survive delivery and shall not be deemed waived either by reason of buyer's acceptance of said materials or by payment for them. Seller's Liability: Native Translations, Inc. shall, at its option, replace the product or refund the amount paid for the specific product sold and causing the alleged damages, either of which shall constitute a settlement in full of all claims of every nature. This warranty does not cover, and Native Translations, Inc. shall not be liable for, incidental or consequential damages.

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