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Welcome to Native Translations, Inc. (NTC)

HISTORY: Since 1986 NTC has helped private companies as well as governments to transform their communications challenges into profits and successes. We are on time and on target with mission critical documents for every language used in government and commerce. Please examine our client listing to know us by the company we keep!

PURPOSE: In commerce and for any service, communication is essential. Whether you need to know what the competition is doing, or speed up your entry into a market or increase your market penetration or just get your message across, communication is what you need to create understanding, provide superior service and to generate sales and profits.

MISSION: Our mission is providing our clients with peace of mind, high quality and superior service, which we back up with our NTC Pledge of Confidentiality and Total Satisfaction Guarantee. NTC is the preferred translation resource of those who require quality, cost-effectiveness and on-time delivery. We provide comprehensive translation services to customers in government, as well as for large and small companies and organizations. This gives them the edge in product and service delivery and organizational effectiveness.

QUALITY, CAPACITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY: Our skilled native language professionals include 135 translators currently under contract, with hundreds of additional translators who may be placed under contract immediately as volume or specialization issues arise. Each of our translators translates into his or her native language, is skilled in the subject areas in which they work, and has entered into a confidentiality agreement with us to enforce the proprietary rights of our clients. Our translators, designers, project managers, IT experts and quality assurance procedures ensure that we meet or exceed our clients' service requirements and expectations, no matter how demanding they might be.

SCOPE: We translate technical, service, user, training and marketing materials. We translate and produce manuals, surveys, packaging, catalogs, direct mail materials, informational materials, legal patents and other legal specifications, print ads, web sites and more. For each project we employ acute understanding and clear writing in the appropriate language and idiom. We allow you to understand what is presented in foreign languages and to effectively communicate with your own clients, employees, associates, customers and prospects - anywhere in the world. In addition to written copy, we also provide interpreting services and professional voice talent for audio-visual productions.

CULTURE: Native Translations has developed its service relationships through excellent quality assurance procedures and superlative customer service. We strive to maintain a culture of professionalism, adaptability, integrity and responsiveness. Our project managers are committed to ensuring that even the most complicated projects are completed on time and up to your best expectations.

ON-TIME DELIVERY AND RUSH CHARGES: We rarely charge rush fees. Prompt turnaround and meeting tight deadlines are both part of the normal service we provide to our clients. On the infrequent occasion that a rush fee is indicated, normally it is a 50% surcharge.

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